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FQ1 2021 Report

The CPMT is eager to publish its Q1 2021 Report, which provides updates on a number of current holdings and introduces new names that the team plans to monitor throughout the year. During this quarter, the Fund returned 13.48%, 260 basis points below our blended benchmark. We are excited to share our results and analysis with you. 

Find the Q1 2021 Report here.

May 2020 Monthly Update

The CPMT is excited to publish its May 2020 Monthly Update, in which the team focused on the impacts of COVID-19 and other significant events relevant to each sector. The update also touches on notable results from our current holdings. We are pleased to share our research and analysis with you. 

Find the May 2020 Monthly Update here.


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Thomas Holloway, CFA

Faculty Supervisor for the CPMT Program



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